Cilentanian eating just at few km from the B&B

The Brigantessa Restaurant is a part of our Villamirella residence where our guests of Casale del Borgo are more than welcome. The family management, the suggestion of the large garden and the use of exclusively local products will offer you an authentic experience of Cilento's food and wine tradition. Few tables for those who, behind a glass of local wine, love to relate to those next to them and taste the flavors and aromas of dishes made with love.
The restaurant, in addition to the possibility of à la carte menus, offers the choice of typical tasting routes. Suitable for families or couples it is also the ideal solution for children who find a garden equipped to play in total safety 2 steps from the tables.

Dining with us

From goat cheeses to mozzarella in myrtle twigs, to menaica anchovies made in a thousand ways, to fresh fish that smells of paranza, to the golden thread of PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil that binds its flavors, Cilento cuisine is the unconscious actress of flavors and knowledge dictated by the slow rhythm of rural weather. The selection of local suppliers who produce with artisan techniques guarantees the quality of the basic products of the Brigantessa kitchen.
Everything is prepared at the moment to give greater meaning to that unique bond between cilentos and the products of the earth. It is rare to find a family in Cilento that does not have its own small bio garden. It is no coincidence that this is where biologist Ancel Keys identified in these places the homeland of what was later christened the Mediterranean Diet.

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