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  • Categoria:
    Individual Excursion
  • Tipologia:
    Architecture, History
  • Distanza:
    60 minutes from Palinuro
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  • Accessibilità:
  • Durata:
    about 1 hour
  • Raggiungibilità:
    Easy by car
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The Charterhouse of San Lorenzo in Padula is one of the most beautiful places in Cilento and Italy. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988, the Charterhouse of Padula is the most important monastic complex in Europe, as well as being the largest Charterhouse in Italy. An absolute destination for lovers of art and history in Cilento.

A visit to the Charterhouse of Padula is one of the places not to be missed during a stay in Palinuro. The majestic and massive architectural complex is a symbol of monastic splendour. With a surface area of 51 thousand square metres, three kiosks, a garden, a courtyard and a church, the Charterhouse is one of the most majestic monastic complexes of the Baroque period in southern Italy and the world. Its origins date back to the 14th century, but it was only when the complex was assigned to the monks of the Carthusian order that the structure got its present dimensions. The layout of the Padula Charterhouse reflects the religious life of the monastic order in the distribution and organisation of its architectural spaces. In fact, it is divided into two large areas: the "lower part of the house", more in contact with the outside world, where all the Carthusian community's subsistence activities were carried out, and the "upper part of the house", with the spaces for community life reserved for the monks (church, kitchen, refectory). In addition to these rooms, there are the strictly cloistered structures organised around the large kiosk. The most beautiful work inside the monastery is undoubtedly the spiral staircase made up of 38 monolithic steps, which, like a fan, allow you to reach the library antechamber. This mid-15th-century stone staircase is the work of an unknown artist. In 'lower part of the house' the Archaeological Museum of Western Lucania is located. The entrance to this museum is free of charge. The museum contains historical finds from excavations carried out in the necropolis in  Padula and Sala Consilina area. Among the exhibits are Iron Age grave goods with pottery, weapons and bronze objects and burials from the 5th and 4th centuries BC, characterised by the presence of decorated Attic vases.

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