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San Severino di Centola
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Discovering the Cilento area beginning with forgotten or disused places such as the railways. This is the initiative of the cycle excursion organised by Fiab Camerota and Cilentoinbici, which will focus on the disused San Severino di Centola railway.

The Starting point is here where the excursion will start at 9:30 am. We will walk along the disused railway line Salerno-Reggio Calabria (built in 1984) for about 2 km, passing over the Old Fascist Bridge built in 1928. Afterwards we will continue on the asphalted road to Roccagloriosa, one of the most ancient villages in the Cilento region, where breathtaking views are combined with an ancient history.

Every corner, alley or square along the way will tell you about an epic past and offer you unique, pristine landscapes. Roccagloriosa has a much more ancient history, as evidenced by the numerous archaeological finds. Today these archaeological finds are preserved in the Antiquarium of Borgo Sant'Antonio.

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