From May to September
Marina di Camerota
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    8 Km from Palinuro
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    from 9:00pm to 1:00am
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    easy to reach by car
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The night fishing in Marina di Camerota. An ancient night fishing technique transformed into a tourist attraction. Its name is related to the lamp used to attract fish to the surface at night. After watching the fishing, the fishermen prepare dinner on one of the coves of the coast to enjoy the fish under the stars together in the moonlight. For those who love the sea and fishing, the lamparata in Marina di Camerota is an event to experience their holiday in Cilento in a unique way.

Lamparata is oneof the most popular activities for tourists who choose to spend their holidaysin Palinuro. Departure is scheduled for about 21:00 from the Port of Marina diCamerota. On board two boats we start to discover one of the most beautifulstretches of the Cilento Coast. The first part of the evening is dedicated tofishing. The actual spectacle begins when the boat with tourists reaches thefishermen and the goiter to which hangs the "lampara", the lamp. Thebeams of light produced by this lamp attract the fish afloat.

The fishermen onboard the boat, called the cenciola, wait for the signal of the fisherman onboard the goiter to throw the nets into the waters of the Marine Protected Areaof the Bay of Infreschi. With a 360° ride around the goiter with the lamparaand the net at the bottom of the sea is ready to be hoisted on board and findout what the sea has given. Once the fishing is over, the sea wolves are readyto prepare the catch. The captains of the boats take tourists to one of thecoves of the area where dinner is served where the protagonist can only be thefreshly caught blue fish.

Fishermenentertain tourists with their stories, telling anecdotes or the history of thisfishing technique that has become a tourist attraction for adults and children.At the end of the evening, you feel part of a large family and you return tothe port aware that you have spent a unique evening of fun and the recovery ofthe traditions of the past. In addition to being a night fishing experience,it's a way to experience one of Cilento's oldest traditions.

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