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Casaletto Spartano
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    30km from Villamirella
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    2 hours
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    EAsy By Car
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    Sports shoes

A beautiful walk on gentle ups and downs, along a river, in the shade of an enchanting grove, between mills and wooden bridges.

In southern Italy, in one of those small butcharacteristic villages of Cilento, there is a magical place. CasalettoSpartano is the custodian of a place that seems to have come out of fairytales. 

Abeautiful walk on gentle ups and downs, along a river, in the shade of anenchanting grove, between mills and wooden bridges. A truly enchanting naturalcorner where you can spend a relaxing day in the area equipped with countryhouses, tables and barbecues. 

An oasis of peace, at the end of the Valleyof the Rio Casaletto, called the Capello Oasis where the Cascata dei Capelli diVenere (Venus Hair Waterfall) flows.

The name of the waterfall is given by aplant, which grows luxuriantly there, the Adiantum capillus-veneris betterknown as maidenhair. Characteristic of this waterfall are the waters, rich indissolved carbonate, which come out dripping on the surface and depositing thecarbonate. 

The travertine that forms appears as awhitish coating that crosses the plants and the surface of the ground. 

The Old Mill, located in the area, has beenrenovated and is a center for monitoring biodiversity and Geodiversity. 

The Rio, a tributary of the Bussento, hascarved the limestone rocks forming a spectacular gorge, called Forra diCasaletto. The landscape that the river offers, with numerous naturalwaterfalls, is highly suggestive. 

A natural spectacle, just 25 minutes fromPalinuro. A spectacle that must be seen during your stay in Villamirella.

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